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Robert has three distinct groups of talents & skills in the fields of horses, Life Coaching and writing. The following are short descriptions for each field. For further information, please call or write to us, click here for contact information.

Robert, who is also an Internationally recognized Certified Life Coach, and Certified Master Spirit Life Coach, is focusing on applying his wisdom and insight to individuals and groups. Developing the inner-leader, inspiring and empowring people to achieve excellence in their lives.

Inspirational, motivational, team-leader, Coach Robert will help lead and develop your key people, to the next generational level of excellence and beyond while, also paying close attention to the foundational, all important, resource-people at the grass roots level, the driving force of growth and development.

Harnessing the creativity and energy of these two groups, within this process, has the potential to develop a stream of qualified people while, living to the highest goal.

This will help to ensure that your future, dreams, goals, and desires will be accomplished by your team.


Equine Evaluation

A service of two facets: the one - purchase & breeding evaluation, and the second - evaluating the level of training and potential of a horse.

In both, Robert takes close look at the owner's / rider's requirements and the benefits they seek.


Equine Training

The Cornerstone Approach is an holistic approach to the foundational training of horses of all breeds and disciplines. It is ideally suited for the needs of the so called Problematic Horse.

Its all about us developing a completely new level of awareness, regarding the whole horse on its mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

It is about understanding the horse's abilities, issues & concerns, likes & dislikes, strengths & weaknesses.

Trying to completely understand each horse for what and who they are as individuals, by learning how to enter his world, and then agreeing to respect that and build a relationship around it.

Its about working within these value-driven guidelines, to learn to motivate and provide the horse with better and more positive learning opportunities. In doing so, you take on the role of a teacher, and it is so interesting to witness the cross over point during this journey, in which we have opportunities to learn so much about ourselves.


Clinics / Seminars

Robert is available to teach The Cornerstone Approach to starting horses, problem horses, generally improving your horses, overall performance and conditioning. To help you produce the horse of your dream. Click here for the current schedule.



Robert has had over thirty years of hands-on involvement in breeding, raising and training a variety of horses including Arabs, Anglos, ½ Arab, Saddle Bred Crosses. Has used both Artificial Insemination, Ultrasound and live cover. Robert has been involved with the mares from the moment of conception to foaling out.

On his most recent project, Robert achieved 100% conception and live foal delivery rates.


Solution Innovations

This is a program to help you find solutions to present challenges or areas that you find you and your horse are developmentally stuck at.

Robert can help set you free, evaluate and design a training program for you and your horse.

Robert has also developed some special tools to aid the process of training.


Robert has been and writing four books that are designed to help us on our collective and personal spiritual journeys, to better ourselves in all aspects of life by applying the simplest rules of life to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Please visit Robert's Books page for further details.


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