If I could be there with you and wave a equestrian magic wand over you and your trusty steed and grant you three wishes.
Which would you choose from the following list:

  • A soft communication system
  • Willing Cooperation
  • Self carriage
  • Suppleness and balance
  • Extension and collection
  • Fluid lateral movements
  • A good attitude
  • A soft lower jaw, a Happy face
  • A natural place for your horse's head when he is balanced
  • Become a better athlete and partner
  • That all of his body parts are supple and in the correct alignment as required to perform his equestrian duties to the his fullest natural potential

I do not know about you, but I cannot choose just three, I WANT IT ALL!
I have attempted to do just that, in the aim of holistically care for both horse and rider. You can read more about it though the left presented links.

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