About Robert J. McLardie:

Robert McLardie was born in Sherwood Forest, with a horse at the bottom of the garden path, Nottinghamshire England.

Robert has been able to trace his family name with the history of being messengers, being known as the King's speakers or Heralds throughout the Isles of Scotland.

Today, Robert believes he is just delivering the message, in part he is being used to share with you the insight that he has been given regarding understanding horses, people, relationships and spiritual growth.

Robert, who is also an Internationally recognized Certified Life Coach, and Certified Master Spirit Life Coach, is focusing on applying his wisdom and insight to individuals and groups. Developing the

inner-leader, inspiring and empowering people to achieve excellence in their lives.

Robert has had the experience of ranching in British Columbia Canada, even using a team of horses and a bob-sleigh to haul hay in the winter.

For over four decades, Robert has been a breeder and trainer of Arabs, Quarter horses, and Warm Blood Thorough bred crosses.

During Robert's working life time he has been also involved in the construction industry, and has worked on a large variety of building projects including the designing of Equestrian centres, Barns, Riding Arenas and Round-Pens.

Robert has ridden horses on Cariboo trails in Grizzly bear country, along the Alpine meadows of the Artic Water Shed in Northern British Columbia Canada.

He has trained wild horses from the High Country of Montana, USA.

Robert once trained a ten year old wild horse to respond to an eight year old

autistic boy, who eventually could communicate and work with the horse in a round-pen and ride him.

To winning a Super Horse competition, Robert has shown horses at CEF, AQHA and IAHA shows, covering a full range of classes including halter, English, Western, Eventing and Driving.

Well traveled Robert, to further his education, has visited many fine Equestrian centres throughout England, Canada and the USA.

While on one of his visits to England, Robert

was invited to the Nottingham Mounted Police Division training school, and had the opportunity to ride Saxony, a 16.2H police horse.

It would seem that the mystical bond and gift of understanding horses & people has been a constant thread inexplicably entwined throughout his life.

After over four decades of research into horse training, psychology and Human personal growth & development, Robert: Author, Messenger, Guide, Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Spirit Life Coach would like to take this opportunity to share with you his insight into his holistic innovative approach to coaching.

He calls it The Cornerstone Approach.